Being an apprentice with us - DAC Beachcroft

Being an apprentice with us

Your development at DAC Beachcroft

An apprenticeship at DAC Beachcroft provides commercial experience in a legal environment combined with on-the-job learning, training and assessment. As well as developing technical skills, you will also build on your business and personal skills that will equip you for a successful career with DAC Beachcroft.

The apprenticeship will include:

  • A knowledge-based “technical certificate” - tested through an exam
  • A skills-based qualification - tested through workplace assessment
  • Functional skills elements (ICT, Maths and English) if required - tested through exams (depending upon your GCSE grades you may be eligible to apply for exemption from the functional skills element).

Learning will be delivered via a combination of:

  • Online learning
  • Face to face sessions
  • On-the-job training

If you are looking to join us as an apprentice, you will find that we offer an experience that will help to broaden your horizons. Being part of the DAC Beachcroft team means that you will have various peers at a similar level who will be able to support you and help you to grow your network and skills. We have a wealth of resources and technology as well as state-of-the-art working spaces, and are committed to developing and enabling our people to be the very best that they can.

Whilst studying you will be supported by a personal tutor and apprentice student manager and at work, you will be assigned an on-the-job supervisor. They will work together to support you and monitor your progress and ensure you receive the required training. All of your studies will be paid for by DAC Beachcroft. You will have allocated time to study and attend classes at BPP and you will also be given time off for exams.


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