Casualty Fraud
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Casualty Fraud

Who are we?

Our casualty fraud services are provided by a dedicated team of 16 specialist, lawyers based in Birmingham, Bristol and Newcastle led by Claire Laver. 

Our team have expertise  dealing with all kinds of fraudulent casualty claims to include those arising from but not limited to construction, local authority, leisure and retail, transport and logistics, health and social care, manufacturing and agricultural sectors. The lawyers have  the flexibility, expertise and capacity to deal with any queries and instructions no matter how urgent.

We work in partnership with our clients  to achieve their desired outcomes, provide training, define counter fraud strategies, reduce indemnity spend and improve fraud identification. We have been the first to define organised fraud in casualty claims and provide Industry Focussed Fraud Indicators to increase fraud awareness and efficiencies within counter fraud teams.

How can we help you?

There has been an increase in the number of fraudulent casualty claims over the last five years and we have been at the forefront of proactive, data led solutions focussing on trends and behaviours. We also support our clients by offering the following:

  • Training (in person, via webinar or virtually)
  • Industry Focussed Fraud Indicators
  • Pre litigation advice
  • Virtual and in person clinics
  • Mentoring and shadowing
  • Alerts and opponent strategy

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“The counter fraud team at DAC Beachcroft have been our strategic partners for many years, combating fraud in the casualty arena. We trust their expertise and guidance. They share our passion and appetite to defeat fraud.”
Ed McCullough, AXA

“Allianz has a strong but balanced anti-fraud culture; We have a ‘one-team’ approach which extends to our panel suppliers. DAC Beachcroft’s counter fraud team has a good working relationship with the Allianz Casualty CVT, providing solid advice, and adding value to the cases they deal with.”
Laura Clarke, Allianz


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