Germany - DAC Beachcroft
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BLD together with DAC Beachcroft is the largest German law firm specialising exclusively in liability and insurance law. Thanks to our cooperation with BLD, we can offer holistic advice in many European jurisdictions. With around 180 lawyers and more than 320 non-lawyer colleagues in Germany BLD with DAC Beachcroft forms the largest provider of insurance-related legal services on the continent. BLD with DAC Beachcroft delivers bespoke solutions for German and international insurers, industrial companies and more across five offices in Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin and Karlsruhe.

The lawyers at BLD share our passion for insurance and liability law and its corresponding specialisations. The experience gained from decades of working with the insurance industry and its clients has led BLD and DAC Beachcroft to develop an aligned culture together with services, organisational structures and work processes adapted to the needs of this sector. For our clients, this means that with our combined teams, we can handle cross-border matters seamlessly, assuring the high quality and efficiency you expect from us.

BLD and DAC Beachcroft are founding members of the alliance Legalign Global. 

Please see our Legal and Regulatory page for further information about our cooperation.