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People Pool

The People Pool from DAC Beachcroft LLP is a fully flexible pool of talented HR professionals.

You can dip into the pool of experts according to the expertise you require, when you need it and be assured of a high quality, cost effective and bespoke solution designed to meet your organisation’s needs. Whether the job is large or small, complex or straightforward, we have an expert that can assist you.

How can we help you?

The People Pool is unique. The People Pool is an integrated services within DAC Beachcroft, not a separate entity, therefore we take responsibility for the service we provide. There is no one else out who offers the same combination of expertise, support, consultation and experience across a wide range of sectors. We do this by providing you with people we know, trust, have worked with, and have close oversight of. We make sure we find the right person for you to ensure you get the service you need.

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If you have a legal, HR, employment law or employment related issue, please contact us for a free discussion about the work and how we can assist. We’ll discuss your objectives, the timescale and budget and we’ll agree with you the skills and expertise required, so we can identify the consultants who meet the relevant parameters and provide you with their details, so you can choose who you would like to work with. Remember, the service is fully flexible so no work is too big or too small.

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What our clients say about us

“During the project, The People Pool delivered greatest impact with techniques to reduce risk and offered quick, practical responses to employee issues avoiding escalations and grievances.”  Dr Michael Corrigall, Technology Director of Global Telecommunications Company

“Provides a prompt and effective service which is delivered with integrity. The focus is on providing the customer with workable pragmatic solutions.”  Deputy HR Director of an NHS Foundation Trust