DACB Situation Room
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DACB Situation Room

The DACB Situation Room is a secure virtual crisis room that can be rapidly deployed to your incident team. The Situation Room combines instant messaging and document sharing, wrapped in a confidential and privileged environment. It is fully scalable to extend to internal and external stakeholders, with the capability to support different teams.

Having responded to hundreds of cyber incidents and data breaches, we see the challenges that you must overcome to prevent your crisis from becoming a disaster. Our Cyber and Data risk lawyers know that a successful response hinges on effective internal communications and information sharing.

Traditional methods of communications and information sharing are often not fit for purpose when it comes to a cyber or data crisis. You may be forced to find alternative communication methods because your existing systems are compromised or worse unavailable due to a ransomware attack. The use of personal email accounts or social messaging services at these moments raises further confidentiality issues, spreading documents and communications across multiple uncontrolled platforms. Accidental leaks of critical information in high pressure environments is, unfortunately, not uncommon.

Increasing regulatory scrutiny and litigation exposure has also brought into focus the importance of controlling communications and information when responding to cyber and data incidents. Disclosure requests from regulators and litigants are now a regular feature of any incident, seeking disclosure of compromising documents, communications and reports that were disseminated amongst internal and external teams in the midst of the crisis.

The DACB Situation Room, in partnership with British technology firm Pushfor, empowers you to overcome these challenges and avert disaster.

Key Features

A key feature of the DACB Situation Room, powered by Pushfor’s patented service, is that no information is actually sent but is projected onto the recipient’s device, removing any further risk of documents being leaked or accidentally circulated.

01. Secure, resilient and privileged
04. Share critical information faster
Communicate and share documents via our legal specialists, even when your own systems are unavailable or compromised. Highly secure messaging and document sharing amongst teams, without the need to constantly change and apply password protection. 
02. Permission Based Viewing
05. At your finger tips
Content view controls: pull back content at any time, view once, auto-delete, watermarking and more. Have the latest key communications and documents with you, wherever you are.
03. Analytics
06. Scalable
Take comfort knowing that crisis team members have received and read key content and communications. Create different groups and teams, internally
and externally.

Download our brochure to learn more

Download the DACB Situation Room brochure.

Contact us

For more information on the DACB Situation Room, please contact Hans Allnutt or Patrick Hill.

Breach Response Hotline

In the event of a cyber incident or data breach, contact our Cyber & Data Risk team. We can be contacted 24/7.

UK Tel: +44 (0) 800 302 9215 
Ireland Tel: +353 1 2319602 
Email: DataRisk@dacbeachcroft.com 
Website: www.dacbeachcroft.com/DataRisk

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