Supervising Solicitor Services
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Supervising Solicitor Services

What we do

The service and execution of a search order is a demanding process particularly in respect of multi-site searches.

Successful enforcement requires compliant, decisive action with all the steps being carefully observed and recorded in a comprehensive report to the Court.

Following execution the Supervising Solicitor will be required to continue fulfilling their duties to the Court in determining how to proceed with the interrogation of any electronic documentation, overseeing that process, reporting to the Court and complying with further directions. Increasingly Supervising Solicitors are also called upon to assist in police investigations that sometimes follow a search order.

We act as Supervising Solicitors on behalf of leading law firms in the City of London and throughout the country. Our team has a wealth of experience in dealing with Search Orders, both as Supervising Solicitors and in advising their own clients in cases concerning commercial fraud, intellectual property infringement, wrongful use of data and confidential information.

Our broad experience means that we are able to handle the complex legal and practical issues that may arise, and have arising during the course of the execution of a Search Order. Without compromising their independence and obligations, our Supervising Solicitors are able to provide guidance on technical, practical and other logistical matters to help ensure that any Search Order is executed as smoothly as possible.

We are able to assemble a team that will suit your needs at very short notice, to suit every situation, including those where the respondent to a Search Order is likely to be an unaccompanied female.

What our clients say

The UK commercial litigation teams have worked together over the years on a number of multi-site search orders involving deploying lawyers from London, Manchester and Bristol.

Osborne Clarke recently instructed Ben Daniels and his team in Bristol on a series of search orders, obtained on behalf of a household name technology company to restrain the alleged misuse of confidential information and IP infringement in respect of its products.

"DAC Beachcroft provided excellent professional and personal support at a particularly traumatic and stressful time. They acted with urgency, were entirely effective and exceeded all our expectations - they are the people to have on your team." Lynne Young, Managing Director of Entrusted Care Limited

"Sydney Fulda and his team have carried out search and seize, and delivery-up orders on two occasions for us. On both cases the team worked tirelessly throughout the day and night to achieve the desired result. Their dedication to the job proved to be a life saver to our business."

"I am grateful to you for discharging your function as Supervising Solicitor so efficiently.” Sir Mark-Havelock-Allan QC, Mercantile Judge, Bristol (to Ben Daniels)

"Simon Thomas and David Withers provided excellent assistance to the team during the execution of the Search Order.” Bill Flynn, General Counsel of Wonga

“Dealing with a search order is challenging for a solicitor in any capacity. Decisions need to be made and acted upon quickly and accurately. I have worked alongside Sydney and Vicki in a heavily contested case involving a search order, and jointly with Sydney as court-appointed joint supervisors of a search. I have seen first hand that Sydney and Vicki both have the technical ability and the commercial understanding to get the job done positively in the best interests of their clients.” Alex Megaw, Managing Partner of Freeman Fisher LLP

“The team at DAC Beachcroft are exceptionally committed to achieving the best possible results for their clients. I worked with the firm, in particular Sydney Fulda and Vicki Bates, in a bitterly contested and high-value company law dispute. The client service and the results were outstanding. By way of example, we made an application for a search order that required an overnight hearing. They executed the order the following morning and returned to court within 24 hours for the return hearing. The level of knowledge and experience in the team is of the highest standards.” Ming-Yee Shiu, Littleton Chambers

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