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Inspections, Investigations & Inquiries

It is a little known fact that there are over a hundred regulators in Ireland. These include statutory, commercial and professional regulators, governmental agencies with regulatory powers and regional and local authorities.

With so many regulators, virtually every business and profession in Ireland is now subject to a regulator with wide-ranging powers of inspection, investigation and inquiry. These powers range from a written request for documents to a "dawn raid" or unannounced inspection and include the ability to conduct extensive investigations and to prosecute disciplinary and criminal proceedings.

We are experienced and ready to inform and assist professionals, businesses and their representative organisations whether proactively to be better prepared for such an inspection, investigation or inquiry or equally in a responsive capacity, assisting and guiding clients when such inspections, investigations or inquiries arise.

In a proactive and preparatory service our team provides our clients with advice ensuring our clients have a greater understanding of the powers of regulators and the legal principles governing their use. We provide our clients with information on how to respond when faced with an inspection.

In addition, we ensure our clients have been provided with appropriate guidance on dealing with an investigation which occurs in the aftermath of an inspection and how best to prepare for an inquiry should one arise.

We ensure that professionals, businesses and their representative organisations can put in place effective structures for their organisations, advising on how best to navigate the regulatory process in accordance with the law while maintaining the integrity and good reputation of the profession, business or organisation.

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