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We provide a full service claims, transactional, commercial, risk and advisory capability, ranging from bespoke to systemised.

Healthcare Regulatory

Health and social care providers across both the NHS and independent sector, need to deliver services in an increasingly complex landscape of scrutiny by commissioners, regulators and service users. For commissioners, decisions about how and where services should be configured and how to engage with the public in those decisions, carries new challenges around integration requirements, as well as greater perceived freedom of choice. Fundamentally, any such services need to be safe, whilst also adhering to an array of regulations – both in terms of quality of care and financial viability – in order to protect and promote good care, alongside organisational reputation, within an increasingly competitive environment.


The insurance market continues to face a number of legal, financial and regulatory changes. The industry continues to consolidate, both in the UK and internationally and this will present fresh opportunities and challenges for insurers, brokers and service providers. We are deeply embedded in the insurance industry and therefore understand how political, economic or legislative changes may impact your company's business goals and we will work with you to deliver innovative solutions.


Social Care

The ever increasing need for long term social care for older people and specialist care for adults and children, creates an environment of opportunity for service providers, but with this opportunity also comes risk – it’s a fast moving and heavily regulated sector which requires dedicated and experienced legal advice.

Our multi-disciplinary team of experts in this sector are adept at working with providers, to help them maximise the positive impact they can have on the people they support, whilst also protecting and growing their operational, commercial and reputational success.