Workcentre 360

WorkCentre 360 is a digital platform that enables you to interact with our suite of claims tools in one central location. 

Workcentre 360 is our comprehensive claims management system, combining automation and real-time claims information to increase efficiencies throughout the claims lifecycle and reduce costs.

It combines several key innovations at DAC Beachcroft into a centralised platform delivering customised real-time reporting, improved claims performance, know your opponent tools, all accessible securely and easily.

  • Knowledge digests
  • DACB Connect
  • Case management
  • Events
  • Podcasts
  • Updates
  • Crisis services
Key benefits

Faster claims processing

Our bespoke system speeds up the claim lifecycle with intelligent  analysis and instant reporting.

KYO, fraud detection and trend analysis

Our bespoke system speeds up the claim lifecycle with intelligent analysis and instant reporting.

Cloud based, secure and easy to access

Our cloud-based central resource that offers real-time information management with stringent GDPR compliance.

What's in Workcentre 360?

Knowledge Digests

Developed by subject matter experts within our specialist teams, our Knowledge Digests are user friendly, digital resources on a range of specific technical subject matters. Accessed online, easy to navigate, and written in plain English, each of our Digests shares ‘bite-sized’ knowledge from our experienced teams to provide you with reference materials to add to your toolkit.


Knowing and understanding is a feature of the work of every lawyer and every team across DAC Beachcroft Claims Solutions. Our lawyers are supported by our bespoke wiki technology solution – KYOTO and a team of Intelligence staff who manage the KYOTO project.

KYOTO, our Know Your Opponent Tool Online, is a unique resource for all staff to support your decision making by providing you with the latest tactics and trends about the opponents we and our clients face.

As KYOTO is a live system, the pages are continually updated by our subject matter expert lawyers from across the business. Their insights into behaviours are complemented by our clients who also have access to KYOTO and are able to contribute their observations about opponent firms.

Insights Dashboard

Our Data Insights Dashboard delivers data analysis and interactive data tools about our performance, client performance and benchmarking direct to desktops.

Our Insights Dashboard platform uses interactive charts and presentations of data, allowing easy drill down and exploration of data in single intuitive clicks. Our data stories deliver insight tailored to the client in an easily consumable format and provide additional benchmarking analysis to gauge position in the wider market as well as being a vehicle for action plans and collaborative problem solving. Feedback from the clients has been excellent and we are told that we are setting the benchmark amongst our peers when it comes to data and automation. We work alongside the client to refine the dashboard to meet specific needs and conduct side by side virtual meetings to maximise the use of the software through the licences we deploy.


Our unique digital INFO-Centre platform offers you direct access to our current Intelligence and Fraud Operations information. Sitting on the HighQ collaboration platform, INFO-Centre provides you with easy access to our intelligence and organised fraud operations.

INFO-Centre is a collaborative online platform that will provide instant and direct access to current intelligence relating to live DACB fraud operations (covering organised fraud, credit hire fraud and Know Your Opponent) and emerging trends and threats. We recognise the importance of intelligence sharing, ensuring lawyers have access to up to date intelligence that might affect the handling of their cases. INFO-Centre is designed to be an easily searchable, single repository for current intelligence that also enables collaboration between the Intelligence Team, the wider business and clients.


FoRecast is a digital forecasting calculator tool designed to assist our clients with navigating the newly extended Fixed Recoverable Costs rules.

Designed in-house in conjunction with our legal Costs experts, FoReCast requires a minimal number of inputs, and instantly provides the user with the information they need to determine the fixed costs payable at various stages of the civil court process. This means that the tool can be used during the currency of a claim, enabling the user to apply a cost/benefit analysis regarding the overall cost of settlement versus the likely costs of proceeding to a hearing when offers are made in settlement, as well as on conclusion of damages. The tool also provides the user with an indicative complexity bracket, and enables the different permutations to be viewed comparatively, side by side.

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