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Data Protection and Estate Agents - Are you compliant?

Estate Agents collect and manage personal data from landlords, tenants, buyers and sellers (bank details, PPS numbers etc.). Accordingly, you are obliged to comply with the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003. However, the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner has deemed some common practices adopted by Estate Agents as being non-compliant which could expose an estate agent to prosecution by the Data Protection Commissioner.  

DAC Beachcroft Solicitors are holding a free early morning briefing on Thursday 22 September 2016 focusing specifically on Estate Agents in the residential market and on what they need to do to ensure compliance with Data Protection Legislation. We will discuss what information Estate Agents are entitled to collect from prospective tenants, what information can be disclosed to a landlord and other third parties, and how long you can retain personal data.

The upcoming General Data Protection Regulation imposes significant new obligations on data controllers. Accordingly this is an opportune time for Estate Agents to review their existing practices, policies and residential leases to ensure that they comply with the relevant legislation. Under the new Regulation, Estate Agents could be at risk of having to pay compensation to tenants of up to 4% of their worldwide turnover for the most serious breach.

A light breakfast will be served from 08.00 and the seminar will commence at 08.30 sharp for one hour. There will be time for questions and answers. 

Senior Speakers:

Rowena McCormack, Associate

Aidan Healy, Associate


September 22 2016



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