The Casualty 'App' – DAC Beachcroft's tool to support claims handling

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The Casualty 'App': DAC Beachcroft's tool to support claims handling

Published On: 13 April 2015

DAC Beachcroft Claims Limited has launched its 'Casualty App', a web-based tool which provides you with access to updates on developments which impact on employers liability and public liability claims.

The 'App' is accessed through http://clientextranet:8081/beacon/, the username for which is "esi-casualty" and password "_esi59". 

It provides easy access to recent e-mail alerts on legal developments, our Casualty Insight newsletter and our Market Conditions Report, alongside the DAC Beachcroft Sports Law Twitter page and contact details for senior members of our Casualty team.

The 'App' includes a link to our Reserve Calculator, a tool which assists both reserving for and decision-making in claims presented through the Low Value Protocol, and which incorporates the increased Court Fees which came into force on 9 March 2015. It also includes a link to our Fixed Costs Calculator, a tool which calculates the solicitors' costs inside and outside the Portal, and access to our DACB48 and ERRA48 advice products. The Reserve Calculator and Portal Costs Calculator can be accessed from iPads, and the 'App' can be accessed from Android tablets.

You will also find on the 'App' our seminar programme, which includes internal training courses at which you may wish to join us.

We hope that you find this resource useful – should you wish to discuss it, please contact Tom Baker or David Williams.