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DAC Beachcroft Health Adviser Magazine - June 2014

Published On: 1 June 2014

Adjustment to a new healthcare reality continues. While private healthcare companies have had a long tradition of international expansion, NHS organisations are now moving increasingly further afield. This new drive towards entrepreneurship offers the potential to grow earnings, as well as opportunities to try out and experience new techniques and processes. But, as we explain on page 6, careful consideration is needed.

Financial constraints are encouraging the NHS to look inwards, too. The realisation that reduced funding threatens sustainability has led to an examination of ‘easy-win’ improvements, as well as more major restructuring. As we explain on page 16, these ‘nudges’ can take the form of everything from turning off lights, to encouraging patients to take more responsibility for their own health. However, strict rules on what is acceptable may yet define the boundaries of such an approach.

In other areas, regulation is set to become even stricter, with poor care soon to become a criminal offence. Yet, as we explain on page 10, this change should worry only the worst care providers, and will encourage all to gain a closer understanding of what is happening on the wards.