Cookies - DAC Beachcroft


Session cookies

Cookies are used to provide users with the best user experience which is tailored to their browsing behaviour. To enable us to provide the best experience for our users, we store certain session based information relating to your preferences.

The below examples state the type of information we may track.

1. Preferences

1.1 We may track what content you have read, where you are on a page, and the time it takes to reach the bottom of a page.

1.2 We may track what content you return to in order to provide our third party software, Marketizator, the information it needs to provide related content you may be interested in.

2. Location

2.1 We may track the location of where you are visiting from including your IP address to provide certain multilingual preferences.

2.2 We may store information against your session relating to your language preferences.

3. User Accounts

3.1 We may store information against your email address and password relating to the content you are reading, and information you have saved including the content and authors you are following. Whilst we may store your email address and password, this information is not passed on to any third parties and your password will be encrypted (thereby not visible to anyone internal or external to DAC Beachcroft).